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I started the PTG newsletter because I had a lot to say about PTSD after I wrote my book, Recovering From the War. The book helped thousands of veterans and their families but I wanted to help all trauma survivors--war veterans, rape survivors, abuse survivors, flood or earthquake survivors--and I wanted to pass on all the latest information and recovery methods I've learned through reading and going to conferences on PTSD. I wanted to encourage people to seek recovery, to find what is efective in healing them, and to persist in recovery.

I know how hard it is to change. I know we are all different. I wanted to offer new perspectives, new ideas, new treatments, new resources and encourage people to find what works for them. --Patience Mason

Click below to see the full text or PDF versions of issues 1-4, excerpts from the PTSD and Holidays issue, plus essays about PTSD and Parenting, Boundaries, and On Killing. PDF versions are facsimilies of the Gazettes and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF files are suitable for printing, and may be copied and given to anyone you think they may help. Mailable order form

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Though the Gazette will end with Issue No. 42, a collection of back issues will be available and can be ordered by credit card from our secure online booktore.(PTSD Gazette Back Issues)

    • Issue 1 Plain Text or PDF--What is PTSD?; how to recover; book reviews
    • Issue 2 Plain Text or PDF--PTSD & Families: how it affects us; how to recover; reviews of books for family members
    • Issue 3 Plain Text or PDF--PTSD & the 12 Steps: how they work; addresses of 12 step programs; book reviews
    • Issue 4 Plain Text or PDF--False Memory Syndrome vs. Lying Perpetrator Syndrome: both incest survivors and vets forget; reviews
    • PTSD and Holidays Plain Text or PDF--If holidays are Hell, this might help. (From Issue 16)
    • PTSD and Parenting Plain Text --Inteview with a survivor who is now a mother. (from issue 26)
    • On Killing Plain Text or PDF--Report on David Grossman's talk on the effects of killing.
    • Boundaries Plain Text or PDF--For trauma survivors and their families developing healthy boundaries is important.
    • First Aid for Trauma Survivors PDF things you can do when times get tough.
Read what readers say about
the Post-Traumatic Gazette:
December and January are very rough months for me: the bitter feelings come back. Thanks so much for the newsletter. I was able to look at myself and those feelings as normal for the first time in 25 years.--GG, Vietnam combat vet

I have enclosed an order but my main purpose in writing was to express my appreciation for the help you are providing for people through your newsletter. —H Michael Peter, Ph D, psychologist and veteran

Consistently one of the most helpful recovery tools that I use—KP, survivor of child abuse

Dear Patience,
I am writing to renew my subscription. When I first wrote, well, I didn’t think anyone had the same problems. Now I probably don’t have any lesser problems but I sure handle them a bit better. I don’t get to my wives group as much as I did, but the Gazette and, of course, my guide to better living through PTSD (Recovering From The War) is always in the books on the coffee table. --Laura McG., wife of a Vietnam combat vet

I find the PTG very informative and useful. I like the articles and book reviews. I have used some of your material with vets in our group process at the local Vet Center. Keep up the excellent work, for the work we do with all veterans with PTSD is so very important Thank you, —R G, Vietnam vet and therapist

What I find most valuable about your newsletter is the emphasis that it is natural for someone who has been traumatized to respond in certain ways, rather than this being a character flaw. Unfortunately I much more often see the latter perspective in much of the literature focusing on these issues.—a trauma survivor

Having found your web site and begun reading your work, I've gained a new understanding of the damage C. and I, for that matter, have sustained and are working to heal. As such, we've been able to take loving steps closer to one another and are now living together, something I doubt would have happened without reading your work. You have made a tremendous difference in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want to renew my subscription. —ND, girlfriend of a combat vet.

Your newsletter is terrific—informative, compassionate and supportive. I'm going to use parts of the newsletter with my clients. --Aphrodite Matsakis, PhD

I love the way you have shifted the paradigm in the first issue so that the old bad symptoms of PTSD are seen as survivor skills, what kept us alive. —Bill H, combat vet

I love you and Bob with all my heart. Your paper has just saved me and I believe has made a significant turning point to recovery for my beloved husband... Ron's counselor gave us a couple copies of the Gazette (No. 1 & 2)... Bless you for your love, insight and ability to share the pain and the peace with those of us who know only the pain. --BC, Wife of a Vietnam vet

We sat up all night reading and crying over the first issue. He's been suffering without telling anyone since 1943. —Wife of a WWII veteran.

Will try to get people to subscribe to your Gazette. It is super duper. Keep up the great work. --Ken Allen, MSW
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