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Recovering From the War

Patience Press started in 1993 with the publication of Why Is Daddy Like He Is? a book for the children of veterans with PTSD and the first issue of The Post-Traumatic Gazette. We also sold remaindered hardback copies of the Viking (1990) edition of Recovering from the War: A Woman’s Guide to Helping Your Vietnam Veteran, Your Family and Yourself. When we ran out in 1998, Bob created a new cover for the book and, because so many veterans had found it helpful even those from other wars, we changed the subtitle to A Guide for All Veterans, Family Members, Friends and Therapists.

Patience also wrote a series of pamphlets about PTSD: After the War: For the Wives of All Veterans, An Explanation of PTSD for Twelve Steppers:When I get sober I feel crazy, and The War at Home. This was followed by Why Is Mommy Like She Is? a book for the children of women trauma survivors. When the new wars started, she wrote a pamphlet for the new veterans, Home from War. Finally, she wrote a new version of Why Is Mommy Like She Is? for military women who have been deployed or suffered MST. All of these are now available free on this website. You may copy them and share them as long as you retain Patience’s copyright notice.

We are branching out into ebooks and new books, beginning with ebooks of Recovering, and Bob’s two robot books, Weapon and Solo, and eventually Chickenhawk: Back in the World. We also plan to publish new paperback editions of them.

In just a few weeks we will be publishing Patience’s new ABC picture book called, Woodland Litter Critters ABC, both as a hardback large-format book and as an iBook for the iPad. It’s amazing how such common pieces of woodland litter can become alive in Patience’s hands. Or, as she says, “When I find them.” Click here for a preview of the book.

Help for trauma survivors, war veterans, family members, friends and therapists

Patience Mason, author, speaker

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Click on the cover to see an album of pictures from  Woodland Litter Critters ABC.Critters.html
Recovering From the War Available in print from Amazon and now also as an eBook on Kindle and most eBook sellers.Bookshelves-ours.html
The sequel to Chickenhawk is now an eBook available on Kindle, iBookstore, Barnes&Noble and others.

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