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I would be happy to come talk to your group. Since 1990 I have given more than 90 workshops and talks at VA’s, Vet Centers, conferences, Veterans’ reunions, and privately funded workshops. My talks are meant to normalize PTSD symptoms, which can feel quite crazy, and to help veterans and other trauma survivors find the help they need to heal.

I have developed a number of workshops for professionals:

  1. Helping Families Become Part of the Solution

  2. PTSD and Addiction

  3. Living With PTSD

I have developed talks for veterans and their families:

  1. Home from War

  2. Recovering from the War

  3. The War at Home

  4. Writing as Healing

  5. Continuing to Recover

  6. Living with PTSD

I have also developed talks for the public

  1. The Realities of PTSD

  2. The Costs of War

The cost is $500 per day plus expenses, unless you are a small independent veterans or wives group, in which case I can sometimes charge less.

I am willing to do more than one workshop a day. A day is 24 hours.

If I am hired by a VA, Vet Center, or military facility to do a training for professionals, I will also do a free talk for veterans and their families.

If you would like to have me come talk to your group you can email me at ptg at patiencepress dot com or call or write.

352-215-9251 (cell phone, leave message)

Patience Press,

P.O. Box 2757,

High Springs, FL 32655

Speaking : Talks on PTSD for veterans and their families