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The Post-Traumatic Gazette #2

How Does PTSD Affect Families? PTSD and Me, How Families Can Recover, reviews of books for families

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #1

What is PTSD? How to Begin to Recover, book reviews

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #3

12 Step Recovery and PTSD, 12 Steps and Me, book reviews

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #5

Telling Your Story: Creating Community and Healing, From Trauma To Enlightenment: The Survivor’s Journey by Steve Tice, reviews, letters

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #4

“False Memory Syndrome” vs. Lying Perpetrator Syndrome: The Big Lie,  Forgetting When It Is Too Painful To Remember

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #6

Intergenerational Transmission of PTSD Affects Us All, Traumatic Incident Reduction, The Active Ingredients, Book Reviews, Thoughts on Slavery

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #8

Boundaries, About Medications for Combat PTSD by Jonathan Shay, MD,

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #7

Solace for the Self: A Facet of Healing From Trauma, HEALS: A Useful Acronym for Self-Soothing, book reviews, letters, Suggested Writing Exercises, Writing about Feelings

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #9

Grief: Illegal? Immoral? or a Part of Life? The Grief of Soldiers and Survivors, book reviews on grief, You May Grieve

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #11

Guilt: Can You Feel It? Is it a Way to Feel You Had Power? Is It Accurate? Can You Make Amends? More ISTSS Notes on Cognitive Therapy for Trauma Related Guilt, book review Betrayal Trauma

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #10

Dealing With Anger In Effective Ways, PTSD and Holidays, ISTSS Conference Notes on DBT, EMDR, Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy, nightmare therapies.

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #12

Acceptance, Love Without Violence, a workshop with Staven Stosny, PhD, letters on DBT and EMDR

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #14

Numbness 2: Finding Your Feelings, When Someone Is Finding Their Feelings, Letters, Father’s Day at the Wall by Jim Schueckler

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #13

Numbness 1: Survivor Skill and Shortcoming, List of feeling words, More on TIR, Readers Write about DBT. Pete’s Rules for Driving

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #15

Numbness 3: So What Do I Do With This Feeling Now That I’ve Found It? Letters from three veterans on what helped them

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #17

Symptoms of Increased Arousal: Survivor Skills and Shortcomings, Report from a 12 Step Group of Veterans Wives, Open Letter to a Battered Person, 10 Things to do for yourself today, Other Ways, letters

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #16

PTSD and Holidays (expanded), When Someone You Love Is Starting to Feel (what to say and what not to say), Gift Suggestions

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #18

Symptoms of Increased Arousal: Letting Go: Acting Instead of Reacting, 10 things you can do today for yourself: writing, A kinder way to see myself, Other Ways

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #20

Compassion vs. The Cycle of Self-Pity and Self-Criticism: How to empower yourself! book review, Cognitive Distortions & How to release them

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #19

Repetition and Recycling, PTSD vs. EMDR and the winner is... by William P, 10 things you can do for yourself today:self-talk, book reviews

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #21

Validation and Invalidation, 10 Things You Can Do Today To Validate Yourself and Others, book review, That Old Feeling

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #23

Lifeskills: Give and Take I, The Value of Validation by Caterina James,, Quotes fro literature, resources

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #22

“Can’t you just be normal for one day?” More thoughts on PTSD and Holidays, Recovery Toolkit, David Grossman: On Killing, letters, Self-Care: a challenge for us all

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #24

Lifeskills: Give and Take II, Spouse group, Thoughts about Nightmares, Thought s on talking to each other.

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #26

Taking Inventory: Knowing Where I Am, book reviews, Writing and PTSD, PTSD and Parenting

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #25

PTSD and Spirituality, Private Ritual, Spiritual Resources, Sweatlodge, VOICES in Action Conference, Notes on Meditation, Thoughts by Sister Ave Clark

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #27

Finding a Future, Staggering Meditation by Alan Cutter, Short Takes on the Brain, Report on My Trip

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #29

PTSD and Sexuality, Body Therapy, Breaking the Patterns of Depression by Julie, Structural Integration by Rebekah Frome, Approaching Trauma Survivors from a Spiritual Perspective by Caterina Spinaris

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #28

PTSD and Physical Stress, Three Sides to Recovery by Wallace Allen, New Year’s Resolutions, PTSD in the News

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #30

Post Trauma Stress Disorder—Suggestions for Survival by J P Mock, Hear the Bell by Alan Cutter, book review

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #32

Don’t get over it. Get through it!, Emotion Focused Therapy, book review of Life After Trauma, Writing about trauma

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #31

PTSD and Parenting, book reviews on children and trauma, Survivor Guilt, Sidran’s Risking Connection

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #33

First Aid for Trauma Survivors, Welcome to PTSDland..., Controlling, Checklist for Hidden Anger , Personal Bill of Rights

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #35

What does sufferig do? by Paul Genova MD, On Suffering, The Trauma of Loss by Pauline Laurent, Map of an inner child, Your own map of an inner trauma survivor

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #34

When Holidays Hurt, Buy yourself a good book, Sample sheets from Growing Beyond Survival by Elizabeth Vermilyea, Have you seen someone blown away? book review, Herbs may help

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #36

Meet Your Inner Trauma Survivor, 12 Steps to Recovery from War Related PTSD by Carmen L., Returning from Vietnam by William Crapser, Meditation on the child within, Survivor Psalm by Frank Ochberg MD, book review

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #38

When Trauma Strikes: World Trade Center terrorist attack, 11 Sept 2001, Helping Families Become Part of the Solution: Resources to Recommend

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #37

Experiencing Grief, Excerpt from Recovering From the War: Changing, excerpt form Lift Your Mood Now by John Preston, PsyD, Starting OUt

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #39

Shame, Factors Contributing to the Development of PTSD by JP Mock

The Post-Traumatic Gazette #40

Surviving the Holidays after Sept 11th, 2001: Ten Thoughts on Coping by Marlene A Young, PhD, director of NOVA, Children’s Reactions and Needs After Disaster by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Coping with Reactions to Terrorist Attack and Suggestions for Survivors of Loved Ones Who Have Died or are Missing, both by NOVA

The purpose of this web site is to keep other people from having to go through what Bob and I went through when PTSD didn’t have a name and was not supposed to exist, I want people to have access to this information. The new generation of veterans needs to know that having PTSD is not weak or weird. The symptoms are rooted in bodily based survival mechanisms which can, over time, become a veteran’s biggest problems. Post-Traumatic reactions have a reason and meet a need, but they can be quite upsetting to family members. My writings are intended to give insight into why veterans and other trauma survivors have these reaction so they can be reframed instead of personalized and misunderstood by the family. Unless otherwise noted, all articles are written by Patience Mason.

    These gazettes should help you get started on the road to recovery. Since I stopped writing the Gazettes, I have shared my newer ideas on my Blog

If you find them helpful, please tell people, or give them copies. Please keep the copyright notice intact. If you want someone to read one, I suggest putting it in the bathroom... Let them find it and read it.

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