Woodland Litter Critters ABC


“A book that will engage young readers with its unusual creatures and may inspire them to create their own.”

Kirkus Reviews

Litter Critter figures by Patience Mason

“Greta the giant gnat buzzed near the ground.”

“Woodland Litter Critters ABC is the most imaginative and creative ABC book I have ever seen.”

Sue Morris, Kid Lit Reviews

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Woodland Litter Critters ABC is a nature-craft alphabet picture book for pre-school children (2-5 years) and their parents. Patience Mason crafts various acorns, twigs, leaves, and cones she finds “hiding” in the woodlands, into strange and wonderful Litter Critters, alive with personalities of their own. As the they gather to watch the sunset at the shady river, the Litter Critters introduce pre-school kids to the alphabet, both upper and lower case letters. There’s even an alphabetical order review on page “Z.”

Patience made the Critters and wrote the story. Robert Mason photographed the Litter Critters and designed the books. Available in hardcover and softcover 8.5”x11” full-color printed editions at Amazon.com, local bookstores, and as an ebook on Kindle, and as an interactive touch book at the iBooks store on your Mac or iPad..

The iBooks interactive edition features Critter “Read Me” buttons on each page to hear Patience Mason read the story and the notes. All the letters are pronounced by Patience when touched. Touch any critter and a pop-up balloon reveals the secret conversation going on among the Litter Critters. Touch the Litter Critters at the back of the book to see close-up what the Critters are made of and how they were made.


“A host of strange and delightful creatures made from seeds, leaves and vines populates the pages of this first children’s book by the Masons ... A book that will engage young readers with its unusual creatures and may inspire them to create their own.

Kirkus Reviews

A unique and captivating work of art in more ways than one, Woodland Litter Critters is a wonderful ABC book for parents and children to share--and perhaps inspiration to create one's own critter art projects from ordinary woodland litter!

Midwest Book Review 

These little litter critters though have such charm and cleverness that you can't wait to turn the page to see which critter will represent the next letter!

Joy, The Book Children

What I share with students in Room 407 is that I often judge an ABC book by how it treats the letter X. And Patience does not disappoint from a wonder sense. On this page, we meet Xerxes the Xenos his one-eyed Xat. Later, in the end pages of the book, we learn that Xenos means “alien” in Greek. Imagine, later in a students reading, when they encounter the word, xenophobia, within a text and remember Xenos.

Paul Hankins, Wonderopolis

Woodland Litter Critters ABC is the most imaginative and creative ABC book I have ever seen. The pages are not thick as in most ABC books, but torn pages are worth the risk to introduce your child to the likes of Ulysses Unicorn and Elvis Evergreen (with wife Elvira).”

Sue Morris, Kid Lit Reviews

As a parent I love that it has upper and lower case letters on each page. We had so much fun tracing the letters on each page. The pictures are so cute. My son really loved saying all the animal names.”

Brittany, Goodreads

“Not your cookie cutter ABC and that is very much a selling point! Got this book for my two very bright grandchildren and they are totally enchanted with it. Great concept gracefully presented!” 5 stars.

Barbara Van Cleeve, Amazon

The rhyme scheme is more complex than most ABC books, a nice change for a new reader. Another thing I like is how big the letters are. They are impossible to miss. This is a great book, a favorite with my two year old and with me.” 5 stars.

Elizabeth R Leps, Amazon


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