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About Us:

Patience Press is a small publishing company operated by Patience Mason, author of Recovering From the War (available at your local bookstore, online, and as an ebook on all platforms), and Robert Mason, author of the New York Times bestselling Vietnam war memoir, Chickenhawk.

    Robert was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, B Co., 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cav Division, in 1965-66 and the 48th Aviation Co, 1966. He came home in 1966 with PTSD, but at the time PTSD did not exist as a diagnosis. Living with undiagnosed, untreated PTSD makes life extremely difficult for both partners.

    Eventually, someone gave Bob a Disabled American Veterans’ pamphlet, Readjustment Problems Among Vietnam Veterans. We saw ourselves on every page. Patience decided to write the book she wished she had had when Bob came home. She interviewed more than 60 veterans of Vietnam, she became a member of the (now International) Society For Traumatic Stress Studies, read all the currently available literature on PTSD, went to professional conferences on trauma, and worked on her own healing, which she shares in the book. The first third of the book describes war in the veteran’s words. The middle third is about PTSD, what it is, how it affects the veteran and family. The last third is suggestions for recovery for veteran and family. 

    Our mission is to ensure that no soldier, family member, or friend will ever again have to face Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder alone and without information, hope or help. Everything Patience has written since the book, (Why Is Daddy Like He Is?, Why Is Mommy Like She Is? (two versions, civilian and military), 40 back issues of The Post-Traumatic Gazette, which is aimed at all trauma survivors, the pamphlets After the War, The War at Home, An Explanation of PTSD for 12-Steppers, and Home from War), is being uploaded to this website. You can download for free and print them and share them with your friends. Please visit Patience’s blog about recovering from war and other traumas.

    Our new venture is to publish memoirs by other veterans, starting with Kenneth Eaton’s Missing Dog Tags, a fast moving story of a Korean War POW who escaped three times but was always recaptured.